Laurent Castellani is a French photographer from Paris and the island of Ré. Armani, Guerlain,... Laurent has been solicited by the biggest luxury houses in Paris and/or around the world, first for his films and then for his photos. Creative director for 15 years, Laurent has had the opportunity to work with all the communication agencies in Paris and has sharpened his eye during all these years. He works for CHANEL from February 2013 to March 2020.

His films and visuals for Bose, Jaguar, Lancôme or Bang & Olufsen have made him an artist with a 360° vision that mixes emotion and beauty in his visuals. The style of his first short film brought him closer to the images of Terrence Malick or Jacques Audiard. Netflix, the office at 5808 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles contacted him in 2018. With his camera on his shoulder, Laurent likes to feel the "pulse" of his subjects by being as close as possible in his framing. So many distinctive signs that have shaped his photographic style.

Today he is known for his minimalist and very focused images. His firstbook "Reverie" is sold all over the world (Amazon, Fnac, Bookdepositery, Wallmart,...). He has been published in the following magazines: Vogue, Condenast, InStyle, Elle, Cosmo, L'officiel, Harpers Bazaar,... The gallery that represents him in France is in Paris: the « GalerieMadé » (6th district in Paris in the very chic district of Saint Germain des Près). His agent is the owner. He is also represented by the Insel Island gallery in California on the US and Chinese markets.

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